Bridal Hair and Makeup from Glam Hour by MJ Sazon

Compared to the other blog posts where we had a selection process, my choice for hair and makeup was decided several years ago. MJ Sazon, the owner of Glam Hour, used to be a colleague some years ago. I’ve always admired her work.

I initially availed of her trial hair and makeup service to see how I’ll end up looking. As someone who doesn’t wear makeup often, this was maybe my only chance in a long time to glam up.

The trial assured me that booking Glam Hour by MJ Sazon for my wedding hair and makeup was a great choice.

In addition to my bridal looks, she and her team also did Dane and I’s mothers and my sister. Krystel, one of my bridesmaids, also had her do her hair and makeup.

MJ is a delight to have as a supplier. She’s nice, very professional, and extremely skilled. She’s also very sanitary with her tools and application, so it’s perfect if you have sensitive skin or kinda worried of sharing the same tools as her other customers.

Aside from her exceptional skills, what I appreciate the most is that I really felt beautiful that day. I genuinely hope more brides book her and her team for their hair and makeup because her talent is amazing!

Photos by Carlo Acetre Photography.


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