Choosing Our Wedding Videographer, Stellar Story

Dane and I finally tied the knot a few days ago after 8 months of preparation. The day passed by so fast, and it was so tiring and memorable.

We’re still on cloud nine. And we wouldn’t be so happy if it weren’t for the amazing suppliers we booked.

Dane and I’s taste for our videographer were pretty straightforward:

  • great narrative and song choice
  • creative execution but not dramatic “generic” editing (ie. adding vignette, bokeh, etc.)

Just like the photographer, the videographer is one of our non-negotiables for our wedding. Popular names in the industry cost a lot that we couldn’t afford them.

Fortunately, our wedding coordinator, Angela of Day One Project was fast to recommend videographers that would fit Dane and I’s budget. We checked each one and finally decided to go for Stellar Story. They’re not super cheap that it’s suspicious if they’ll be able to deliver, and they’re not overly expensive that it will guilt you with spending so much.

What we liked most about Stellar Story was the consistency of the videos they have on their page. It was easy to gauge the output you’ll get as they inserted their personality and passion into the videos they produce. Their sample videos convinced us that they were the videography team we were looking for to document our wedding.

Talking with Stellar Story from the start was easy. Mark was very approachable and warm to speak with, and he was also very helpful with some of our non-videography-related concerns. Stellar Story as our wedding videographers was very relational instead of transactional—a very important factor to us.

The way Stellar Story also worked with our chosen photographer, Carlo Acetre, was also commendable. They were able to maximize the limited time to shoot while making sure our vision for our wedding was met with creativity. Everyone was working well together and seeing them collaborate to perform their respective crafts exuded so much passion from both teams.

Watch our Wedding SDE by Stellar Story below and fall in love with it just like we did:

I cried the first time I watched the video and even many times after that.

Having Stellar Story as our wedding videographer to document the memories was a super great decision. They just proved that you don’t need to book popular companies that celebrities get to achieve the Same Day Edit (SDE) video of your dreams. We couldn’t recommend them enough!!


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