We Finally Tied the Knot! (+ Our Recommended Suppliers)

After 8 months of planning, our wedding finally happened last December 8th.

I am in cloud nine. It’s been four days since the wedding as I write this, but I still can’t believe it finally happened.

Both Dane and I prefer staying at home, have a limited social battery, and hate being the center of attention. So imagine how challenging it was for two introverts to be in a situation that requires the opposite of all of that.

I remember during a bridal fair we attended, I wasn’t anywhere near prepared for the amount of attention suppliers give you when visiting. Given that, we were surprised to be swarmed by different vendors as soon as we entered the premises and while we were roaming around the bridal fair. It’s suffice to say that it was an overwhelming experience.

We had a morning wedding, so I had to wake up at 2:30AM so I can make it to my 3AM make-up session. My energy was already depleted by 7AM, way before we were remotely close to the end of the program at 3PM. It was extremely tiring—filled with happiness but tiring.

One of the things I didn’t expect I was going to do was cry. As soon as the curtains were opened so I can walk down the aisle, there was nothing left on my face aside from a huge smile and a lot of tears blurring my vision. And that was only the start.

Every little thing made me cry.

Bridal march? Cried.

Reading our vows? Bawled.

Father and daughter dance? Wailed.

Seeing our same day photo slideshow. Sobbed. (Dane did too!)

Watching our Same Day Edit (SDE) video. Sniveled. (Dane also did, ha!)

It was a rush of emotions and it was truly an overwhelming feeling of joy, exhaustion, and excitement.

The day also went by so fast. There was a lot of walking, and posing for photos, and thanking people for coming, and smiling that my jaws started to hurt by 10AM. But it was all worth it as it felt like everyone was genuinely happy for us to start our new chapter.

It’s kind of a good thing that I didn’t have any contact lens on, so everyone beyond a 2-meter distance from me were blurred. Lol.

Our recommended wedding suppliers

We were fortunate that all the wedding suppliers (aside from one, not on the list) we booked either met or exceeded our expectations. Compared to horror stories we found online, we’re glad that ours went by without a hitch.

Here are the wedding suppliers we booked who we couldn’t recommend enough!

Ceremony (Christian Wedding) and Reception Venue: Sitio Elena (Cainta, Rizal) (note that they have a huge corkage for outside suppliers)

Catering: Sitio Elena Banquets (in-house) by Chef Resty

Event Stylist: Tropical Blooms Florist (Cainta-based) by Angel Penarroyo

Coordinator: Day One Project by Angela Ibarle Silan

Photographer: Carlo Acetre Photography

Videographer: Stellar Story by Mark and Emon Magaruru

Emcee: Ramcy Tirona

Acoustic Duo: Yaw Sessions / Jong Celindro

Bride’s gown: Riad Kashlan Couture by Riad Hans (Dragon 8 Mall, Manila)

Souvenir (Macarons): Missy K Corazon by Kaye Corazon

Preparation Place: Tobi’s Escape (Antipolo, Rizal)


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