Hello! We are Azelle and Daniel, the couple behind Grow Up and Grow Old. This is our lifestyle journal to document our amazing adventures as partners and as a soon-to-be-married couple. We talk about our mutual love for food and gaming, but also about conquering petty fights and celebrating our relationship. There’s no outline of how this blog will unfold over the following months and years, and that’s kinda exciting, too.


We met in our early teen years in a computer game called Ragnarok Online back in 2008. We became good, consistent friends afterward before taking it to the next level in 2018. Despite our love story taking literally a decade to happen, those ten years helped us shape our characters and allowed us to outgrow our younger, naive, immature selves. We think it’s just the right timing.

But we would never stop growing up as individuals and as a couple, and we want to grow up together as we grow old together. And in that journey, we want to share the good and the bad and all the in-betweens in this blog, Grow Up, Grow Old.

Thank you for following along on our journey!