Carlo Acetre Photography: Our Wedding Photographer

One of our non-negotiables when we were looking for suppliers is the photographer. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime event that needs to be a well-documented milestone to help us capture the highlights and the happenings that we won’t be able to see as a couple.

Our criteria for the selection of our photographer was:

  • bright photos
  • good composition
  • does not cost an arm and a leg

After we had second doubts with the initial photographer we wanted to book, we asked for recommendations from our wedding coordinator, Angela of Day One Project. She gave a list of wedding photographers she recommends and we stalked each one of them to see who best fits the mood we were going for. In the end we decided to go for Carlo Acetre Photography.

Carlo was a joy to work with. Him and his team were super professional. They radiate confidence in their skills and that craftsmanship translated in the photos they delivered, even the time-sensitive outputs that they showcased right after wedding.

Dane and I are actually very awkward with the camera. We don’t even have nice photos that don’t look awkward because we’re both pretty shy. That was one of my number one worries. Fortunately, Carlo and his team’s creative direction helped us be awkward, but still get nice photos.

They are actually my favorite supplier of all as they exceeded my expectations in the output. Their work ethic as a team and how they efficiently collaborated with Stellar Story, the videography team we booked, to share the limited shooting time was exceptional.

Here are some of the many photos they shot of our wedding. Click each for appreciation!


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